Executable Experience (EXE.EXP) is an ongoing practice in which I produce site specific executable files as works based on a short deadline as defined by an exhibition, conference, talk, or any platform under which the work could be comissioned and shown. The works are then packaged and editioned as a CD or USB with an installation guide.


Executable Experience V1
Virtual Reality experience. Approximately 8 minutes
Shown at SPRINGBREAK Art Show, 2017

Executable Experience V2
Virtual Reality Experience
Shown at TSALA as part of the group show Reality Show, 2017.

Executable Experience V3
Augmented Reality app installed on the gallerist's phone.
Shown at Pool Party as part of the group show Belly Flop, 2018.

Executable Experience V4
Documentation of Virtual Reality experience.
Shown at Projektwohnung Krudebude as part of the group show Fälschung, 2018.